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The biggest market place was set to fire in the middle of the night, while still under the protection of the security guards. 400 shops were destroyed. This is aimed by the regime to cripple the economic backbone of the ordinary citizens who use the Saturday Open Market. It is in Amharic, unfortunately. The message in short says, the fire was deliberately started by the Tigrian Liberation Front soldiers, who are now in charge of the country. This is on top of the last two week’s burning of the prison withRead More
Anti-terror rhetoric by Ethiopia’s government could escalate into a brutal crackdown on protesters, human rights group Amnesty International has warned. A plan to expand the capital’s administrative control into the Oromia region has sparked deadly protests. The government has accused Oromo protesters of links with terror groups and trying to start a revolution. Amnesty says the claims aim to justify repression of those protesting against feared land seizures. Read more: BBC NEWsRead More

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Ethiopians Stormed UK Foreign Office

By: Wondimu Mekonnen, London 09 September 2016 On Friday, 09 September 2016, the Ethiopians in the UK did the unthinkable in London. The previous day, they stormed their way into the Tigray Liberation Front (Woyyane) occupied Ethiopian Embassy in London. Just 24 hours later peaceful protestors forced their way into the building of Foreign and Commonwealth Office of The United Kingdom (Foreign office). The Ethiopian protestors are known to be the most disciplined and a peaceful demonstrator so far in the UK but it is getting them nowhere. Such passiveRead More