Authored by Kinfu Assefa,

Translated by Wondimu Mekonnen, Verified by Kinfu Assefa,


It has to be recalled that the European Union called for national reconciliation and negotiation in Ethiopia. The top five TPLF officials responded with full of arrogance. They preferred confrontation and war with the people. The fact that most of the police and the national army has refused to shoot at the people has worried the leadership of the TPLF.

Addis Ababa is under total blockage. No one goes in or comes out of the all four directions. The roads are all completely closed. Phone and Internet are off.

The steps taken by the TPLF forces on 03 October 2016 (23 Meskerem 2009) to quell the popular uprising in the towns of outskirts of the city of Addis Ababa have not managed to stop the protesters.  As a result of the mass arrest of thousands of citizens and taking away to unknown destination on Monday, the uprising has even worsened today. The local police force’s alliance with the people and refusal of carrying out orders to shoot at the people has worried the top executives of the ruling click.

sharonYesterday, Reuters reported from the spot that that the Sabata Turkish Textile Factory and energy company have been totally reduced to rubble by the angry protesters. Reuters further reported that, in Holeta the violence between the angry people and the TPLF’s forces has claimed the life of an American citizen, agricultural field expert, named Miss Sharon Ray. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time. After this tragic news was broadcast to the world media, the TPLF shut down all telephone and internet Services. This was meant to block the news of the violence and prevent the spread of the protests throughout the other parts of the country. However, this action of the TPLF lead the angry public to target die-hard TPLF cadres.

The people have risen up in unison and sent a warning message to the TPLF messengers, and people are taking action on those who have not taken the popular warning seriously. The Wonji Sugar Factory has been seriously damaged by fire, while the property of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al Amoudi, Kuriftu animal fattening business had been completely destroyed. At Qersa, a a member of the TPLF was killed by the angry people. In Horo-Guduru and Guji, the people have taken action on TPLF die-hard cadres. In Diredawa, a fuel depo has been destroyed by fire.

The Africa Media Network reported that the Nigerian Kilo Dingote property, Dingote Cement Factory has been completely destroyed by the violent protesters. The social media reported that the Guji Zone Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al Amoudi’s Gold mining company has been destroyed.

The Oromo people who had been protesting against injustice for the last nine months peacefully unarmed and getting killed have now been seen with some weapons to defend themselves. At Alem Gena, Dashen Bank and some cars belonging to the TPLF have been reduced to ashes.

In Arsi, Mettu and Jimma the rebellion that has been started by the students has continued. The Jimma prison was burned down freeing inmate political prisoners last night.

Addis Ababa looks like a Dead City after the Ireecha trajedy. Businesses have stopped all activities. Shops are closed, there is no Public Transportation. Merkato is tranquil, quiet-like. Today most of the people in the city did not report to their work place as a result of unavailability of the taxis. Except some private schools, all public schools remained closed. Some private schools are advising parents not to send their children to school.

It was only the Mekelle University that has extended a call to the students to start classes. In other universities, it is unthinkable that the students report to classes to study at this critical time.

Roads leading to the South, Shashamane and Awasa have remained closed since Sunday. To the North,  Sululta, Legededi, Bole Bulbula; to the West, all roads leading to  Asco, Burayu, Sebeta, Alemgena, Bisrate-Gabriel, Ayer Tena, Welisso, Hosana and Jimma are all closed. Any vehicle attempting to pass through those roads would face an avalanche of stones.

The Agazi  force who has lost control of the entire country has limited itself in blockading of Addis Ababa and busy spilling innocent bloods in the city.

The war that the TPLF declared on the Amhara people did not work. The people are not only defending themselves against Agazi murderers but also freeing areas from the killers. Many political prisoners have walked out of prison free. The Bahir Dar University is still under siege by the Agazi forces of the TPLF. The Kolober people had destroyed a track full of Dashen Beer, the sole property of the TPLF.

The infamous TPLF murderer, a native of Mankusa, that has been torturing the youth in the Bhahir Dar city has been found dead. No one know who killed him. This has been reported in the Social Media.

Following the TPLF officials’ celebration of “Ashenda” with the fireworks, but the carnage of “Ireecha” by bullets, the people of Ethiopia are on public mourning.

It now appears that the public that was on a national mourning has transcended to national uprising. After murdering so many people with bullets and nerve gas like that of Mussolini and Graziani, their coming out on their television and telling the people how sorry they were is like pocking on wounds. Let the TPLF officials feel sorry for themselves. Before the hand that just has been tainted with the blood of citizens is cleaned, pointing fingers to the people claiming that it was the work of “terrorist elements” discourse is an insult to the people.

It may take time, but these assassins who murdered innocent people would not go free without paying a price for their crime.

The Bishofitu killing is supposed to be the beginning of TPLF’s “deep reform”. But they cannot go far stepping on the heads of the people. A generation of fire has been reborn – generation that comes out in multiple of millions whenever they kill or imprison one. It is a generation that sends a chill in the spine of the murderers without carrying any gun. A regime that regards the people as its enemy does not live long as it cannot destroy the entire population.

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