Wedding is a great day for the bride and the groom among all human beings. In Ethiopia, it is even the most celebrated day, not just for the bride and the groom but the family, friends and the community the couple live in. At times, the wedding ceremony goes on for weeks, with special songs for the purpose, before and after the wedding. We, the immigrant Ethiopians, took that culture with us.

Wedding songs are also special. You don’t just sing or dance to those songs outside the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, special lead singers (azmari) were invited on every wedding to perform. In modern days, those who can afford hire bands and famous wedding singers to perform. In the absence of all that, djs are hired to play cds and dvds of wedding songs.

Last week, Meron Mohammed did the unthinkable. On her wedding day, she requested Yihune Belay’s song that calls upon the army to “Chill Out”,  with words “Turn down the barrel of your gun; don’t kill innocent people; don’t kill your mothers and fathers; brothers and sisters; you have been given guns to protect the people, not to go crazy and go on killing spree of your own citizens … etc.” Meron requested the dj to play this song and ran to the dance floor and sang the words all through and danced. The crowed had to join her.

Somebody released that video on youtube that went viral.

Well done Meron! We love you.

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  1. Thank you our beautiful sister. Well done.

  2. In the middle of chaos there comes something that warms up heart, Dr Biri.

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