DireTube Special Report on Gonder Market Fire – Video

The biggest market place was set to fire in the middle of the night, while still under the protection of the security guards. 400 shops were destroyed. This is aimed by the regime to cripple the economic backbone of the ordinary citizens who use the Saturday Open Market. It is in Amharic, unfortunately. The message in short says, the fire was deliberately started by the Tigrian Liberation Front soldiers, who are now in charge of the country. This is on top of the last two week’s burning of the prison with inmates inside, but mostly killed before the fire was started and blamed the death on the fire. How long will this regime continue to slaughter women, children and the old? There is only one way to stop this atrocities. The UK Government should stop all kinds of aide to this brutal regime, until it stops the barbaric killing of the innocent civilians in the most inhuman way, although there is no human way of killing anyway. Watch video

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