Tplf’s candidates with coming last track records

By Dr Biri Yaya

It was stunningly appalling that Dr. Tedros Adhanom failed to answer the questions that were based on:

  1. His statement on the application was tailored for candidates for developed countries while the claimed representation was as the candidate from developing countries.The shock was the statement apparently was produced by c consultants (US-based Mercury Public Affairs[i] )who may not have similarity with the area of the candidate.It also means that Dr Tedros has not understood what was written and lacked the necessary training to answer skilled based interviews.
  1. This question could have been understood if the candidate took time to read WHO brochure and annual reports of performance and targets.

Sadly, Tedros tried to answer the way he was reciting tplf propaganda of developmental state millennium goals.

teddy-and-robelPathetic from a pathetic mercenary regime’s candidate. He humiliated himself and the established credible universities that awarded him the degrees. The Africans…Kenya…were stunned and were shifty in embarrassment. This is the second time in a year TPLF candidates embarrassed Ethiopians in front of the international community. Once an Olympic swimmer and now Tedros Adhanom.

I used to give him some plausibility until his interview with the VOA when he said Andargachew Tsige has a laptop and was writing a book. That followed Tedy’s stitch up with the 20 million dollars from a teenager that turned to be totally bogus and a lie.

Tedy had his last humiliation in front of the WHO interview panel.

His best next attempt should be as PM and replacing the puppet Hailemariam D.

There, at least Teddy will be tplf’s public PM without the pretension of Dr Workneh Geveyehu Woledekidan aka Negewo by forger

[i] http://ethioforum.org/tedros-adhanom-hires-us-lobbyist-but-failed-to-answer-question/

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  1. Well said Dr Biri
    This man didn’t only humiliate himself as a person with high credentials, but the nation, the people and the continent he represented. For we in the Diaspora?it was a greatest victory.
    He is indeed a disgrace to the entire black world. Here he is with all possibilities of an opportunity to just go out, do a little better and then grab the job, than the dismal answer he gave in front of the whole world community shamelessly asking back question for clarification more than once and even then didn’t get it right all because he never cared to prepare himself for the job. I think the doctoral degree he held was the only answer he thought he needed plus being representative of his government not taking into account how much leg work we in the diaspora have done to abort his chance for that office even if he would have done good .

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