The TPLF, first cut telephone lines and electricity supply to Gonder and Gijjam, two Amhara regions of Ethiopia. For the last two weeks, armed men broke into each family houses of residents without warrant and arrested thousands of Amhara youth, under the cover of darkness. The VOA reporter put to the Government spokesperson how could they justify the rounding up of youth during nights. He said: “These youth are destructive force. They had to be contained, taken to secured area to give them some lessons. The Government has the responsibility to maintain peace. They have been rounded up and taken away for training”.

The above picture shows youth picked up from their family homes in one such night, from the Amhara ethnic background, shaved off their heads in a humiliating and degrading manner, using just one blade to shave off hundreds of heads until the blade stopped shaving any more. In a country known for its  HIV/AIDS virus, shaving every Amhara youth in such manner tantamount to genocide in its worst form

A report reaching Ethiopian Current Information Centre (ECIC)/ ethioalert.com, confirms that the rounded up youth are languishing incommunicado denied of visitations in those ghost prisons in Tigray and some other parts of the country.

ECIC urges peace loving citizens of the UK, as UK is the the main donor of Ethiopia, to raise concern with their MPs, regarding the disaster in the making in Ethiopia and avert human catastrophe, by exerting pressure on the Ethiopian regime to stop such barbaric action against humanity.

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