Vigil to protest the imprisonment of Eskinder Nega, Friday 27th January 2.30pm – 4pm

amnesty-logoVigil to protest the imprisonment of Eskinder Nega, Friday 27th January 2.30pm – 4pm


The Ealing Amnesty Group has adopted Eskinder Nega as a focus for campaigning.

In June 2012 Eskinder Nega, a journalist, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for terrorism offences, after he criticised the Ethiopian government and called for freedom of expression in speeches and articles.

The Ethiopian authorities routinely use criminal charges and accusations of terrorism to silence dissenters.

Eskinder has long been a thorn in the side of the Ethiopian authorities. This is the eighth time he has been arrested and prosecuted for his journalism. His journalist wife, Serkalem Fasil, was also jailed on treason and other charges. Their son Nafkot was born in prison. Amnesty International considers Eskinder to be a prisoner of conscience.

The vigil will take place outside the Ethiopian Embassy, 17 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PZ

If you have any questions about the vigil please call Catherine 07941 480466

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