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Posted On January 16, 2017By Wondimu MekonenIn Current Update


Large-scale and unprecedented protests swept through Ethiopia’s largest region of Oromia beginning in November 2015, and in the Amhara region from July 2016. Ethiopian security forces cracked-down on these largely peaceful demonstrations, killing more than 500 people. Scores of people fleeing security force gunfire and teargas during the annual Irreecha festival died in a stampede on October 2 in Bishoftu, Oromia region. On October 9, following the destruction of some government buildings and private property by youths, the government announced a draconian and far-reaching six-month countrywide state of emergency, which prescribesRead More
Vigil to protest the imprisonment of Eskinder Nega, Friday 27th January 2.30pm – 4pm   The Ealing Amnesty Group has adopted Eskinder Nega as a focus for campaigning. In June 2012 Eskinder Nega, a journalist, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for terrorism offences, after he criticised the Ethiopian government and called for freedom of expression in speeches and articles. The Ethiopian authorities routinely use criminal charges and accusations of terrorism to silence dissenters. Eskinder has long been a thorn in the side of the Ethiopian authorities. This is the eighth time he has beenRead More
Ethiopia: Protesters in Ambo demand release political prisoners Photo: File ESAT News (December 22, 2016) Protesters in Ambo, west of the capital Addis Ababa, demanded Wednesday for the release of leaders of opposition political parties and students whom they said were unjustly imprisoned by the regime. Residents of Ambo staged the protest rally defying the state of emergency that bans any demonstrations against the regime. Students of the Ambo Secondary School took to the streets on Wednesday demanding the release of their compatriots and leaders of the Oromo Federalist CongressRead More

Posted On December 22, 2016By Wondimu MekonenIn Current Update


The TPLF (Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front), the separatist guerrilla group that is currently in charge of Ethiopia as a “government” released a statement on 20 October 2016 that its Command Post leading Ethiopia’s recently enacted State of Emergency claimed a “sweeping success in restoring law and order in different parts of the country within the last three days alone.” That victory they declared was based on arresting 60,000 innocent people just in three days. Now, the same body that is subjugating Ethiopians came up with a childish outcome. It announcedRead More

Posted On December 17, 2016By Wondimu MekonenIn Current Update


December 14, 2016 We the undersigned organizations strongly condemn the arrest of Dr. Merera Gudina, a prominent opposition leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress and Vice Chairman of MEDREK. His arrest is the latest in a series of such detentions undertaken by the government against leaders and members of peaceful opposition organizations. The TPLF regime’s violence against opposition party members, leaders, journalists, and innocent citizens has been going on for the past 25 years and has become worse since the regime declared a state of emergency on 9th October 2016. Dr. Merera is the leader of the above mentioned organizations that are registered inRead More
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSDEC. 14, 2016, 8:00 A.M. E.S.T. ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Human rights groups are asking Ethiopia’s government to immediately disclose the whereabouts of a popular local journalist who has been behind bars since October 2014. The Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia and DefendDefenders on Wednesday called it “unacceptable” that the government was unwilling or unable to provide Temesgen Desalegn’s relatives with information after two years of detention. The groups say Temesgen was jailed on “spurious charges.” The journalist is serving a three-year sentence on charges ofRead More
Ana GOMES - 8th Parliamentary term
By Amnesty International, 14 December 2016, Index number: AFR 25/5312/2016 Waves of protests against the government have taken place across various parts of Ethiopia since November 2015. These protests have consistently been quashed by Ethiopian security forces using excessive, sometimes lethal, force, which led to scores of injuries and deaths. The crackdown on protests was accompanied by increasingly severe restrictions on access to information and communications in large parts of the country by cutting off internet access, slowing down connections and blocking social media websites. More
Telegraph Doves in a detail from Abba Garima I Gospel book, sixth century CREDIT: MICHAEL GERVERS/THE GARIMA GOSPELS 10 DECEMBER 2016 • 12:50PM It is always an out-of-the-way pleasure to visit the Ethiopians who live on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Now another surprise about this ancient civilisation has arrived via Oxford: pictures and analysis of three books of Gospels of astonishing antiquity. They were preserved in the monastery of Abba Garima at Madara in the north of Ethiopia, in what was once theRead More
December 7, 2016 Ethiopia: 86 Woyane spy agents, who recently received security training in Britain and Israel, have been dispatched to North America and Europe to create confusion and disturbances among Ethiopian Diaspora communities. The spy agents will attend Diaspora getting together activities, including churches and mosques, camouflaging genuine followers. The Tigre regime in Ethiopia is targeting communities where its penetration is low or where it lacks control over.  The spying agents’ mandate is creating confusion, disturbances, focus diversions and disagreements among these communities, if possible poisoning some individuals. WeRead More