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1 December 2016, 14:02 UTC Reacting to news of the arrest of Ethiopian opposition leader Merera Gudina, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, Michelle Kagari said: “The arrest of Merera Gudina is an outrageous assault on the right to freedom of expression and should sound alarm bells for anyone with an interest in ending the deadly protests that have rocked Ethiopia over the past year.” “This is a move that will exacerbate, rather than ease, the underlying tensions currently simmering in the country.Read More
Ana GOMES - 8th Parliamentary term

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Federica Mogherini High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission Subject: Detention of Dr. Merera Gudina in Ethiopia Dear Federica Thank you for your reply of 29 November 2016 to my letter concerning the state of emergency decreed by the Ethiopia and the human rights situation in the country. Despite your efforts to request the Ethiopian government to address the grievances of the population, open democratic space and respect the population’s fundamental freedom, the government is not listening. And the latest evidenceRead More
Addis Abeba Dec. 1/2016 – Security forces implementing Ethiopia’s six-month State of Emergency have last night detained prominent opposition party leader Dr. Merera Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), upon his arrival at Bole International Airport.   Details of what transpired at the airport are sketchy, but sources told Addis Standard that Dr. Merera was first taken by security forces who have identified themselves as members of the command post overseeing the State of emergency at around 7:30 PM soon after his arrival at the airport. He wasRead More
eskinder-nega-and-nafkot-eskinder2 |   ALERTS ETHIOPIA Members of the Zone 9 blogging group. (Endalkachew H/Michael) Nairobi, November 17, 2016–Ethiopia should immediately release all journalists detained amid an intensifying crackdown on the media, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. In recent weeks, Ethiopian authorities have jailed a newspaper editor and detained two members of the award-winning Zone 9 bloggers’ collective, which has faced continuous legal harassment on terrorism and incitement charges. A fourth journalist has been missing for a week; his family fears he is in state custody. The crackdown onRead More

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Merkato sees another massive bid

Merkato sees another massive bid Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – As expected a staggering 355,500 birr or  $15,872 US* per square meter was offered by Garden Real Estate for 1,380 square meters of land located in Addis Ketema sub-city Woreda 1, Merkato commonly known as America Gibe. The total price for the plot of land is about 491 million birr or close to $22 million US dollars.  The second highest bidder for this plot offers 352,333 birr ($15,733 US). Another 311,500 birr was also offered in the same compound for 1,388 square metersRead More

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Ethiopian opposition briefs members of EU Parliament

ESAT News (November 9, 216) Ethiopian opposition briefs members of EU Parliament Ethiopian opposition party representatives and marathon star Feyissa Lelisa  on Wednesday briefed members of the European Parliament on the crises in Ethiopia urging EU member states to stop financing a brutal regime in Ethiopia. The delegation includes Prof. Berhnu Nega, Chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, Merara Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, as well as Feyisa Lilesa, Rio Olympic silver medalist known worldwide for showing a protest gesture at the Olympic. Prof. Berhanu Nega, who on theRead More
Dlamini-Zuma calls for ‘intense dialogue’ in crisis-hit EthiopiaRead More

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Tplf’s candidates with coming last track records

By Dr Biri Yaya It was stunningly appalling that Dr. Tedros Adhanom failed to answer the questions that were based on: His statement on the application was tailored for candidates for developed countries while the claimed representation was as the candidate from developing countries.The shock was the statement apparently was produced by c consultants (US-based Mercury Public Affairs[i] )who may not have similarity with the area of the candidate.It also means that Dr Tedros has not understood what was written and lacked the necessary training to answer skilled based interviews. ThisRead More
image-0-02-01-24b13327f752570db90081501acf46534fea6baeb807a193e26f34a30d4ba89d-v Nov. 01, 2016, Addis Abeba – Forced by persistence public protests, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has today dismantled the previous government and formed a formed a new one by announcing a major reshuffle of his cabinet ministers only a year after they were sworn in. Accordingly, the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), whose 547 seats are entirely controlled by the ruling EPRDF and its affiliates, has unanimously approved the new 30 cabinet ministers proposed and presented by Prime Minister Hailemariam. Of the 30 previous members ofRead More