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Posted On September 25, 2016By Wondimu MekonenIn Current Update


The TPLF, first cut telephone lines and electricity supply to Gonder and Gijjam, two Amhara regions of Ethiopia. For the last two weeks, armed men broke into each family houses of residents without warrant and arrested thousands of Amhara youth, under the cover of darkness. The VOA reporter put to the Government spokesperson how could they justify the rounding up of youth during nights. He said: “These youth are destructive force. They had to be contained, taken to secured area to give them some lessons. The Government has the responsibility toRead More
September 22, 2016 (Washington, DC) — I saw what the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told Foreign Policy website about my protest in Rio and subsequent trip to the United States. I was not surprised by his comments because individuals who are always controlled by others tend to assume everyone is that way as well. I base my positions on my own convictions. I am not a follower and no one can sway me into darkness or an immoral direction. Unlike the prime minister, I make my own decisions andRead More

Posted On September 23, 2016By Wondimu MekonenIn Current Update


The fire that destroyed traditionally known Saturday Open Market was suspected to have been started deliberately by the TPLF (Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front), the dominant party that created and rides on EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) – the ruling junta. That was confirmed yesterday when two of the group of trained and deployed arsonists were surrounded and captured by the people of Gonder. Once they submitted themselves, the people handed them  over to the regional Police Force for further investigation. They admitted to the police that they were sent toRead More
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Ethiopia has long known for its mystery. Most of the mysteries that had happened prior to the late 20th century were mysteries of beacon such as the rock-hewn churches of Labella in Wello, Amhara region, the extraordinary obelisks of Axum in Tigray, Ethiopia’s resistance to colonialism, and its stand for international justice and human equality. However, since the late 20th century, Ethiopia’s venue for mystery had been largely being overshadowed by a multifaceted misery. In the past few decades, particularly since the ousting of Emperor Haile Selassie and the adventRead More

Posted On September 21, 2016By Wondimu MekonenIn Current Update

Nigist Yirga Kidnapped.

ESAT News (September 20, 2016 Nigist Yirga, a young activist known for her viral photo as she posed in the Gondar protest, was reportedly abducted two weeks ago by TPLF security forces and taken to the Central Investigation Bureau, a.k.a the torture chamber of the regime in Addis Ababa. The 20 year old young lady was wearing a tees with a portrait of Col. Demeke Zewdu, the leader of the resistance in Gondar and the Amhara region, on the day of the massive protest in Gondar in July.  Read More
  ADDIS ABABA – Our sources have indicated that the one year unrest in the Konso Woreda has continued and the situation has aggravated in the Ethiopian New Year. The situation has become so severe that tourists have distanced themselves from the area and government employees have not been paid for the past five months, according to authorities in the locality. Our sources in the area said the situation is still volatile and some residents of Karat town have blamed regional authorities for not addressing their pleas, which they saidRead More
TPLF forces are attacking the people of Konso in Southern Ethiopia for the last five days. The regime soldiers killed many people and burned entire villages. Thousands are displaced.  More from VOARead More
Bodies of prisoners killed at a federal prison in Ethiopia two weeks ago were being given to families, who confirmed to ESAT that the cause for the death of their loved ones was bullet wounds and not the fire that gutted down the prison, as the regime claims. The Ethiopian regime, contrary to what families of the victims found out, has said in official statements that the cause of death was fire. The government put the number of the victims at 23, but information obtained by ESAT indicate that atRead More
The biggest market place was set to fire in the middle of the night, while still under the protection of the security guards. 400 shops were destroyed. This is aimed by the regime to cripple the economic backbone of the ordinary citizens who use the Saturday Open Market. It is in Amharic, unfortunately. The message in short says, the fire was deliberately started by the Tigrian Liberation Front soldiers, who are now in charge of the country. This is on top of the last two week’s burning of the prison withRead More