The fire that destroyed traditionally known Saturday Open Market was suspected to have been started deliberately by the TPLF (Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front), the dominant party that created and rides on EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) – the ruling junta. That was confirmed yesterday when two of the group of trained and deployed arsonists were surrounded and captured by the people of Gonder. Once they submitted themselves, the people handed them  over to the regional Police Force for further investigation. They admitted to the police that they were sent to Gonder from Tigray with the mission to destroy the market place, and other tourist attraction sites under a strict direct order from the leaders of the TPLF. Today, seven more have been arrested but the majority are still at large.

Two arsonists, A female and and male malearsenist2ndarsenist shown in these pictures were lead by the local police where they were investigated. The Tigrayan woman was a soldier from Tigray serving in the 23rd Division of the Ethiopian army but called upon for a mission to destroy market place. She admitted that she was among the team that succeeded in destroying 90% of the market place. Her male companion is also from Tigray send to Gonder for the same mission together with 50 other to do the job. As soon as the news of their arrest was known, the Agazie soldiers attempted to march on the Police Station to free them, but the Police fought back furiously and managed to keep them in. Sporadic shootings were heard all day yesterday and throughout the day today.

The above video shows them being driven away, while the people were “Thieves!” It is reported that she the lady was captured with various materials that she was about to use to ignite the fire and destroy historic and popular tourist sites, and vehicles. Residents also reported that other groups of arsenists who were sent to set fire on the remaining structures of the Saturday Market Business District were captured from hotels red-handed with several containers of gasoline and other materials that would help the arson. The reports that are coming out of Gondar also confirmed that one of these individuals who came for similar destruction mission held four different kinds of IDs issued by the Tigrayan People Liberation Front (TPLF) government to him. It is to be recalled that Saturday Market in Gondar suffered major fire destruction last week due to arson. The majority of perpetrators are still on the run. The residents also reported that all these arsonists are Tigrayan origin and sent by the ruling party for these destructive missions.

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